Climber By Cuno franchising system provides you an integrated system that covers all factors about the sales of the product and management of the dealer.

Terms and Conditions

  • •There is no franchising price demanded.
  • •No profit shall be demanded from financial turnover
  • •Resale price, which is suggested by headquarters, is recommended.
  • •Service is given during the opening process of the store in merchandising, window-dressing and design, data processing systems, warehouse organization.
  • •It is obliged to sell only Climber By Cuno products in the store.
  • •The decoration of Climber By Cuno concept store must be applied exactly thr same as the project given by our architect.
  • •After-sales-service is given by our customer representatives for each region during the whole season.


  • •The store must be located on a main street or shopping malls
  • •There must be approximately 150-300 squaremeters of sales area and approximately 30 squaremeters of warehouse area.

For further information, you could contact with our team.